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Carlos Beltrán’s glove was buried for burial

Veteran batterer boricua Carlos Beltrán had not worn his glove for more than two months and his companions had a surprise.

The players of the stars gathered together with their partner in the central garden to “burial” the glove, a finger and a burial.

The burlesque action was held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, before a batting practice for the leaders of the Western Division of the American League, who played and lost 7-9 to the Seattle Mariners tonight.

All Houston players wore T-shirts with the exception of catcher Brian McCann, who wore a black cassock to officiate at the funeral.

As McCann spoke, the players formed a semicircle around him and knelt in what the glove was put in a shoebox and three lie tombs with the initials “R.I.P.” (For Rest in Peace) were placed around. Beltran recorded everything in a video with a phone.

Beltran, 40, has played 77 games this season. Except for nine, they’ve all been designated hitter. The Puerto Rican has not been defending the spot since May 16 in Miami.

The Astros pilot, A.J. Hinch said that the good performance of Venezuelan Marwin Gonzalez is what has marginalized Beltran to play as a gardener for so long. But Hinchn does not rule out another apparition.

“He still does not give up his glove, but right now they’re burying him in the gardens,” Hinch joked. “Beltran is a very valuable player for us.”

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