The Venezuelan Government declares an unwelcome person to former President Vicente Fox

The Venezuelan government presided over by Nicolás Maduro declared today as an ungrateful person to Mexican ex-president Vicente Fox, who participated this Sunday as an observer of a popular consultation organized by the Venezuelan opposition to reject the change of constitution promoted by the Executive.

“As Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, I announced the statement of Mr. Vicente Fox as an ungrateful person. Mr. Fox abused the hospitality of the Venezuelan people, insulting our gentleness”, wrote in his Twitter account the Foreign Minister of Caribbean country, Samuel Moncada.

The head of Venezuelan diplomacy affirmed that the Mexican politician “came paid to Venezuela to promote violence and the intervention of foreign powers” and “wanted to provoke the authorities to put together a media circus that served the vile interests that hired him.”

“For Venezuela’s sake, Mr. Fox is no longer in the country, and his poison will have an effect on our people,” Moncada continued, adding that as a “prophylactic measure of protection” Fox will not be able to return “never again” to Venezuela .

The Mexican ex-president today compared the Venezuelan popular consultation with the electoral day in which 17 years ago the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) lost power in Mexico after 70 years in power.

“It reminds me of July 2, 2000 in Mexico, that great democratic party,” Fox said as a crowd of neighbors spoke out against the National Constituent Assembly activated by the Venezuelan government in the Caracas neighborhood of Petare, one of the most favelas Of Latin America.

“That’s the way the people were, that’s how people were, full of joy, full of enthusiasm, full of hope, that’s what we live here,” Fox said recalling those historic elections in Mexico in which he was the winner of the National Action Party (PAN) an environment that, he said, resembles that of today in Venezuela.

The Mexican politician arrived yesterday in Venezuela accompanied by former president of Colombia Andrés Pastrana and three other former heads of state of Latin America to support with his presence the opposition referendum.

The opposition plebiscite took place outside the Electoral Power, so the so-called Bolivarian revolution has insisted that its result will not be binding.


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