Reinforce Trump residence security by holding Golf Open

The best golfers in the world, their teams and hundreds of fans today play New Jersey for the 72 Women’s Open of the United States and, specifically, the field of the residence where President Donald Trump happens this weekend, which has forced To strengthen the security of the place.

According to the portal, this Saturday, journalists were registered twice, before getting on the shuttle bus and arriving on the field, and fans “should expect a wider process” of security, including X-ray machines.

Just after his trip to Paris, Trump headed to his National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he grabbed the attention of those attending this tournament, which began on Thursday and ends tomorrow.

The president is expected to attend the contest on Saturday, as announced last night in his Twitter account. “Big crowds are expected and women are playing great, it should be very exciting!” He added.

Accompanied by his son Eric, the president on Friday greeted the audience from a window and raised shouts that were audible from the field, according to Chinese golfer Shanshan Feng, who said that the spectators were looking at him “not golf”. Pick up channel ABC 7.

The celebration at the Trump club of the country’s largest women’s golf competition, which brings together 156 professionals in the 243-hectare field where its residence is located, has forced increased security measures in the face of the exceptional influx of people into The enclave.

The Secret Service and the United States Golf Association (USGA) were tasked Friday with managing “crowding control” outside Trump’s booth, collects

In this sense, the American player Angela Stanford showed the ESPN sports channel her emotion and said she expected to see some secret agent. “It’s hard to find, but it’s great to have the secret service in your big golf tournament,” he added.

Donald Trump, whose club was chosen to celebrate this Women’s Open in 2012 by the USGA, is the first active president to attend the Women’s Open.

Her presence at the tournament was well received by golfers like the American Marina Alex, who told ESPN that “regardless of your political affiliation and whether you are a fan of Trump or not, having a president at a women’s golf event is quite remarkable “.

However, Trump’s policies and comments on women and immigrants generated mixed feelings for other professionals, according to The New York Times.

Lizette Salas, an American of Mexican origin, acknowledged the newspaper a few days ago to be in a “position” in which she was “trapped in the middle”. “The only advantage for me is that I can play golf,” he concluded.


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