One hundred loggerhead turtles are born in the Florida Keys

A hundred silly turtles were born for the first time in thirty years at Higgs Beach in the Florida Keys, a beach with a lot of coral and shallow depths to bury the eggs, local media reported today.

Environmental authorities spotted the nest last May on a volleyball court in Key West, Florida, which closed temporarily until the birth of 104 offspring of this endangered species of sea turtle this week.

The newborns gathered and started their way to the sea in a group, following the ambient light and a black plastic bag that was tracked by environmental authorities in Monroe County in the extreme south of Florida, according to the daily FLKeys .

Only two of the eggs did not hatch, and only one of the newborn turtles had to be helped to reach the sea.

The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), a species classified as “endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), measures between 2.4 and 3.5 feet (74 to 107.5 centimeters) And can weigh between 70.2 and 186.8 kilograms.


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