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Jesse & Joy dedicate “A little kiss” to immigrants in the US

The Mexican duo Jesse & Joy presented today at the Annual Conference of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), which is held these days in Phoenix, Arizona, the new video of his theme “One more kiss”, which portrays the tough struggle Of immigrants in the United States.

The brothers Huerta, sons of Mexican father and American mother, recognized that they know about the migratory problem, because they grew with the idiosyncrasy of the two countries.

“Apart from being a double privilege to have two nationalities and choose where we want to live, that carries a great responsibility, we want all people to have the same benefit, that they can choose which side they want to live,” said Efe Jesse.

Although the album “Un besito más” has been on the market since 2015 and they are currently promoting their first bilingual album, “Jesse & Joy”, which collects songs from their four previous albums, decided to turn the song around to address the migratory issue.

“The song we wrote a few days after our father died, says that nothing is forever and as we hope to meet again and give us that ‘little kiss’ we need,” Joy said.

They mentioned that during their promotional tour in the United States, the song gave them the guidelines to try through a video the great migratory problem that is lived in North America.

“During the tour the video made us ‘click’ in another context, to see people who miss someone, not necessarily someone who lost in this life, but the distance has them separated, thinking about the migratory situation we did,” Said Joy.

Jesse said the story of the video seeks to sensitize people about the treatment immigrants receive, so they could see “the faces behind the numbers.”

Joy said one of the reasons they seek to “echo” among Latinos in the United States is due to the anti-immigrant laws of President Donald Trump’s new Administration.

“It’s the reason we’re here this morning, we’re trying to use the platform that God and life gave us, to share,” he said.

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