A bather suffers a shark attack on a beach in Miami

A man was transported to a hospital last Sunday after being bitten on the legs by a shark on the crowded beach of Haulover Beach in north Miami, local media reported.

The victim was probably attacked by a bull shark about 4 or 5 feet long (1.22-1.52 meters) that had already been sighted by the rescue workers on that beach, picked up Local 10.

Although the rescuers immediately alerted the bathers to leave immediately of the water, one of them was bitten by the shark.

The squalor “began to get closer and closer to the people who bathed on the shore and went straight to a man, bit him on the legs and pulled him,” said a witness to the attack.

The victim managed to get out of the water and was aided in the sand by the rescuers, who transferred him to a hospital, although his injuries were not serious.

“It’s extremely rare” a shark attack on the beaches of Miami-Dade County, Police Lt. Matthew Sparling said, pointing out that this is the “first shark attack in the county in its twenty years of profession “.

In Florida there are about 60 species of sharks, if you count the small ones that inhabit in deep waters and rarely they are seen. The most common are about twelve and of them the most aggressive are the bull shark and the tiger shark.

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