Fourth of July festival leaves thousands injured every year due to fireworks

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) today warned of the danger of using fireworks in the July 4 celebration, which it leaves every year in the United States. Thousands of injured, mostly children and adolescents.

“Every year on July 4, thousands of people are injured by fireworks. Despite their dangerous nature, few understand the risks associated with their use”, such as “serious burns, fires, injuries and even death.” NFPA on their website.

Fireworks and firecrackers are responsible for an annual average of 18,500 fires, including some 1,300 structures burned, 300 cars affected and three deaths, with a cost of property damage estimated at about 43 million dollars, said the association .

In 2015, US hospitals treated about 12,000 people for injuries from fireworks: 51% of those in the limbs and 41% in the head.

By age, children under 15 years account for a quarter (26%) of those seen by burns.

Experts recommend that people do not manipulate fireworks and leave that task in the hands of “trained professionals”, to avoid suffering any mishaps.

“Life is not cartoon, do not use fireworks, it’s not worth the risk,” the NFPA recommends in a cartoon ad on the dangers of lighting rockets, firecrackers and all kinds of fireworks.

Florida forestry authorities also warned, as every year, of the danger involved in the use of fireworks in the celebration of July 4, US Independence Day.

They recalled that fireworks should be lit in cleared areas, free of vegetation and debris, as well as removing all kinds of rubble or debris from the roofs, roofs or terraces where the rockets may fall. (EFEUSA)


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