Wall Street opens with gains and Dow Jones rises 0.62%

(EFEUSA) – Wall Street opened gains today and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its main indicator, rose 0.62% at the start of the second half of the year driven by the big banks and the technology sector and a rise in oil.

Half an hour after the start of operations that index rose 132.66 points to 21,482.29 whole, the selective S & P 500 increased 0.54% to 2,436.47 units and the composite index of the Nasdaq market advanced 0.48% to 6.169, 99 points.

Traders at the New York park parted the first session of the second half of the year betting strongly on buoyant purchases for the good performance of the big banks and the technology sector.

Investors were also on the lookout for rising oil prices in international markets, where the barrel of Texas was up 1.59% in New York to $ 46.59 and Brent crude rose in London by 1.09% to 49.30 Dollars.

All sectors on Wall Street began on the upside, including energy (0.87%), raw materials (0.71%), financial (0.60%), technological (0, 43%) or telecommunications (0.28%).

Disney (1.69%) led the gains among the vast majority of the 30 Dow Jones, ahead of Chevron (1.56%), JPMorgan (1.31%), American Express (1.15%), Goldman Sachs (1.05%), Exxon Mobil (1.03%) and Dupont (1.01%).

Cisco Systems (0.91%), Home Depot (0.83%), IBM (0.72%), Procter & Gamble (0.70%), Intel (0.68% Pfizer (0.67%), Johnson & Johnson (0.62%), while on the other side only fell Nike (-0.49%) and Caterpillar (-0.42%).

In other markets, gold fell to $ 1,226.8 an ounce, ten-year government bond yields rose to 2.21% and the dollar gained ground against the euro, which changed to $ 1.1368.


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