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Gmail will stop tracking emails to personalize ads

Google said today that its Gmail email server will stop tracking and scrutinizing users’ private messages, as it has done so far, to customize the ads it displayed on its free platform.

Google senior vice president and Google cloud chief Diane Greene said in a message posted today on the technology giant’s corporate blog.

The executive said that G Suite Gmail, the payment offer of this professional-oriented email service, is no longer used for personalization of ads, so Google has decided not to use accounts in this regard either For Gmail.

“Gmail consumer content will no longer be used or scanned for ad customization after this change,” he said, explaining that in the features of your service, you can deactivate that feature that had raised doubts about its legality.

Greene said that all users of Gmail and G Suite can be “sure” that the company continues to consider it “paramount” to protect both the security and privacy of Internet users.

Finally, the Google executive noted that more than 1.2 billion people use Gmail, while more than 3 million companies use the G Suite professional and payment service.

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