With paella and Iberian ham, Miami joins World Tap Day

The Ministry of Tourism of Spain today organized a Spanish tapas competition in Miami (Florida) to commemorate the World Day of this typical gastronomic proposal that over the years has become popular around the world.

The Minister of Tourism of the Embassy of Spain in the United States, Felix de Paz, told Efe that this recipe is all “a sign of identity with the Spanish culture.”

“Through the lid we can win many more fans and more public for the gastronomic cause,” he said, convinced of the “power” that has this hallmark of Iberian gastronomy.

As in Miami, more than 70 simultaneous activities have been organized in several cities in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia to commemorate the figure of the tapa as an icon of Spanish cuisine.

“The idea is that this will become an annual and relevant platform for the gastronomy of our country,” said De Paz.

A student at the Culinary Institute in Miami shows one of her creations for the tapas contest held today, Thursday, June 15, 2017, in Miami on the occasion of World Tapping Day.

During the event held at the Lou La Vie restaurant in the city center and conditioned for the event, guests were able to taste some of the most typical dishes, such as Iberian ham and paella, accompanied by wine or a cane Of beer, as tradition marks.

This initiative is driven by the Ministry itself and the organization “Taste Spain”, “a cluster of Spanish gastronomy”, explained the official.

According to official data, more than 7 million tourists visit Spain each year to enjoy food especially, which is “a very easy way to reach the heart of the people,” according to De Paz.

“It is a simple dish that is inside the miniature haute cuisine, is very accessible and has many variations,” he said.

The Miami Culinary Institute and Basque chef Xabier Oteiza launched a contest to create the best tapa in South Florida.

Snack of Caribbean lobster, foie gras in pineapple cannelloni, cod in green texture, pork belly with chocolate or tail of the bull to the Spanish were some of the gastronomic proposals that were presented today to give a true feast to the palate.

Oteiza highlighted the internationalization of this dish that is now found in many cuisines of the planet.

“There was a time when the tapa was very typical Spanish but now it is totally global. It does not matter if it is Japanese, Italian, Moroccan or American cuisine,” he said.

The 36-year-old chef wants to expand his gastronomic business in Florida and with his brother, Bruno Oteiza, owner of Biko – considered one of the fifty best restaurants in the world – are creating a strategic plan to take their dishes to the United States, He said.

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