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Durant reiterates that he was a winner since he chose the Warriors

Kevin Durant’s leading role after his brilliant performance in the third game of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers has again sparked debate over the decision he made as a free agent with the Warriors of Golden State.

Durant has returned to defend that his departure of the Thunder of Oklahoma City occurred because he wanted to be in the best organization that there is currently in the NBA, to which he arrived without asking for anything nor did not make any type of guarantees.

The story began in the middle of last year, both parties met in New York to talk about the most important decision in Durant’s sports life. But no one talked about the obligation to win titles.

On the contrary, he valued the possibility of giving a better sporting spectacle in the field and allow him to live a special and important moment in his professional race, as indicated to him the legendary Jerry West, current adviser of the Warriors.

True, he is now one more win, and he will get his first NBA title and most likely receive the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in this final because he has proven himself to be the perfect professional at the right time.

“I think I said it last night, he seems to understand that this is his time,” said Golden State coach Steve Kerr. “He has been in this league for some time, and I think he has reached his highest level at the most important moment.”

That reality leaves in evidence all those who criticized him harshly for the decision he made last summer. When it left the Thunder and became player of the Warriors.

Some felt that the eaves were taking the short cut easier to get a title, in an absurd and meaningless analysis, with the argument that came to a team full of talent, something that was true, but what he wanted was progress not to stay stuck .

Durant has reiterated that he was not thinking about raising trophies or taking his finger to wear the champion’s ring.

His goal was to enjoy even more the sport of basketball and he loves the way the Warriors play, that simple and objective.

“I did not see anything, but to be with good players and improve every day. That is exactly what happened during the season,” said Durant. “I did not talk to these guys when I made the decision to tell them I just wanted titles.”

Quite the opposite, Durant did not threaten them with anything but wanted to enjoy them, be one more when it comes to making the best basketball in the NBA.

“I did not say something like that we had better get to the final and have the advantage at this time and on this exact date because otherwise it would not come. I just said, ‘Let’s have some fun playing, let’s get better together and see What’s up, ‘”Durant said.

What happened has probably exceeded everyone’s expectations, including those of all those who criticized him without any sporting argument.

The Warriors have the league’s best regular-season mark for the third consecutive year, despite losing Durant in the aftermath of a knee injury. And in the playoffs, the Warriors have reached new heights.

They now have a 15-0 unbeaten record and will try to crown the first perfect postseason in history.

A Durant triple off LeBron James with 45 seconds left in the third game gave the Warriors the edge. They were imposed by 118-113.

The play could be the most important of Golden State in this series and the most memorable in the Durant race, which proved again in the field, that his thing is to play the best basketball, without speculating with title, and multi-million dollar contracts.

“My grand prize has been what I’ve experienced throughout the season and the moments we’ve played in the playoffs,” Durant said.

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