The largest US outlet. Reopens after being closed due to flooding

Sawgrass Mills, the largest discount shopping mall in the United States, opened its doors today after being closed for three days by floods that have caused heavy rains in recent days in South Florida.

According to the website of this huge mall located in Broward County, which has more than 350 stores, Sawgrass Mills will reopen on a regular schedule, from 10 am to 9:30 pm ET From the USA

In this way, the shopping center resumed its activities after being forced to close by the floods this week, which have not affected any of the businesses it houses, according to spokesmen of the establishment.

Some parts of the outdoor parking lots of this mall have been registered up to 15 inches (38 centimeters) of accumulations of water, a product of the rains that will continue today, according to the National Weather Service. UU.

Almost a must stop for the millions of Latin American and European tourists who visit Florida each year, Sawgrass Mills receives more than 20 million visitors a year according to travel magazine Leisure + Leisure.

Local television channels showed these days the access roads to Sawgrass Mills, as well as its open public parking lot, completely flooded and empty, which has undoubtedly caused a significant economic loss for businesses and shops that until now Has not been reported.

In fact, the heavy rainfall that fell since last Tuesday affected many customers and employees of the outlet, who found themselves stranded in the mall without being able to get out or reach their vehicles due to the rapid floods that occurred in the zone.

Florida has been recording heavy precipitation for a little more than a week and in some areas records of water accumulations have been reached, although meteorological authorities expect that from today they will begin to fall.
In Plantation, Friday was 28 centimeters of rain, while Deerfield Beach and Coral Springs recorded more than 25 centimeters.

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