The largest US outlet. Has been closed for three days by floods

Sawgrass Mills, the largest outlet mall in the United States, is its third day closed due to flooding due to heavy rainfall in South Florida, although it is expected to reopen tomorrow, Saturday.

Sawgrass Mills, which has more than 350 stores and is almost a must stop for the millions of Latin American and European tourists who visit Florida each year, announced on its website that it will reopen on Saturday morning.

According to the magazine “Travel + Leisure”, this shopping center receives more than 20 million visitors a year.

Local television channels showed these days the access roads to this shopping mall in Miami, as well as its open public parking lot, completely flooded and empty, which has undoubtedly caused a significant economic loss for businesses and stores, Which has not been reported so far.

In fact, the heavy rainfall that fell from the past Tuesday night affected many customers and employees of the outlet, who found themselves stranded in the mall without being able to get out or reach their vehicles due to the rapid floods that occurred in the zone.

Severe rainfall these days also caused the cancellation of numerous flights and caused flooding on numerous streets and highways, especially in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Some areas in southern Florida had double-digit rainfall totals on Tuesday and this morning, with Plantation reporting more than 11 inches (28 centimeters) of rainfall, while Deerfield Beach and Coral Springs were more than 10 inches tall.

Sawgrass Mills, located about 30 minutes from Miami International Airport (MIA), has a large influx of tourists from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and Venezuela, some of whom do not hesitate to travel with empty bags to be able to return With them loaded with newly bought clothes.


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