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Florida Governor urges US To stop doing business with Venezuela

Florida Gov. Rick Scott urged Donald Trump’s government to stop “immediately” from doing business with Venezuela, and also to speak out against the “brutal” dictatorships “of Venezuela and Cuba.

“The United States must stop doing business with Venezuela immediately,” the Republican said in an editorial sent to the media.

Scott urged the US To follow the example of US companies such as General Motors, Bridgestone and General Mills, which, he said, have reduced operations in Venezuela, as did United Airlines, which announced the suspension of flights to that country next month.

“Under the brutal and oppressive dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, we have seen things going from bad to worse, food and drug shortages, street violence and economic uncertainty,” said Scott.

The governor criticized that in Venezuela the “dictatorship” of Raul Castro “continues pulling the strings, helping the bloodbath of the government of Maduro against the heroic Venezuelan people.”

Scott said that Trump and his government “have the opportunity to set a new course” in Venezuela and Cuba.

“Today, I am encouraging President Trump to take a stand against these brutal dictatorships,” he said.

He called to make it clear that Castro or Maduro officials involved in the violation of human rights will be barred from obtaining any visa to the United States.

Venezuela is experiencing a wave of demonstrations for and against the government, some of which have degenerated into violent acts that have left 65 people dead, more than 1,000 injured and at least 422 detained, according to the prosecution.

On the other hand, Scott reiterated his support for Trump’s promises to reverse US policies toward Cuba by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“The current leadership has proven to provide the Cuban military and state security with the resources that will allow them to transfer power from one family member to another,” he said.

In July 2015 President Obama reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba after fifty years of rupture, after a process of rapprochement announced in December 2014 by both governments.

Nevertheless, the US economic embargo persists to Cuba, which can only be raised by the US Congress or if Cuba meets the demands of democracy and respect for human rights, among other conditions required by the Cuban Adjustment Act.

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