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House Representatives from Illinois approve minimum wage of $ 15 hour

The Illinois House of Representatives today approved a bill, resisted by employers and employers, that will raise the state’s minimum wage to $ 15 an hour within five years.

Approved by 61 votes in favor and 53 against, SB81 now passes to the state Senate, where there is a good chance that the same will happen in the next few days before the recess begins, but has an uncertain future about what the governor could do next Bruce Rauner.

The Republican, who is facing the Democratic majority of the Legislative Assembly, has declared that he would support the increase of the minimum wage but with the condition to make certain changes.

The minimum wage in Illinois is currently $ 8.25 per hour, one dollar more than the federal rate, and according to the bill the salary will increase annually to reach $ 15 in 2022.

Although entrepreneurs with 50 employees or less will receive a tax credit to offset the increase, however the reaction and acceptance have been negative.

The Chicago Area Chamber of Commerce today declared that the new minimum wage will be “one more burden” to be borne by employers, which will inhibit commercial development and job growth in Chicago.

“If the Senate approves it, we ask the governor to defend the business community and to turn to SB 81,” they said in a statement.

State director of the National Federation of Independent Business Owners, Mark Grant, said it was a law that would hurt workers rather than help them.

“Small entrepreneurs will pay the cost of the increase, and their employees will have fewer jobs and opportunities,” he added.

Instead, the chairman of the International Union of Service Workers (SEIU) in Illinois, Greg Kelly, called the House vote “historic,” noting that the law would benefit about 2.3 million workers in the state.

In Chicago, the minimum wage will be $ 11 per hour from July 1 for municipal employees, a directive that is generally followed by private companies and those with contracts with the city.

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