Tusk, surprised “positively” by Trump’s attitude about “brexit”

European Council President Donald Tusk said he was “positively” surprised by US President Donald Trump’s comments on “brexit”, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union “during the meeting held this Thursday.

“I was positively surprised by President Trump’s comments on ‘brexit’ because it was clear that the EU to twenty-seven is more united after the ‘brexit’ than before the ‘brexit,” Tusk said at a press conference prior to the summit. G7 that begins today in the Sicilian city of Taormina.

Tusk said that during the meeting in Brussels he tried to “convince” the US president that the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, although “very important and dramatic”, is “an incident but not a trend” and Trump ” He agreed”.

“It was a very positive moment of the discussion,” he said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the issue of “brexit” was not discussed at length during the meeting held by the three heads of state in Brussels on Thursday, which also addressed issues Such as climate or trade.

Juncker said they made “clear” that the departure of the United Kingdom is “a real tragedy,” which is not in the interest of the country or the continent and does not favor the international fight against the Islamic State.

“I described that we do not want other Member States to leave the EU and that there is no other Member State that intends to leave,” said Juncker, who said that discussions with Trump did not go into the “details” of the issue.

At first the president of the United States had shown his sympathy for the departure of the United Kingdom from the community bloc, although in recent months he has qualified his speech in this regard.


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