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A Spaniard will make 5,600 kilometers of cycling in the USA to help girls in India

By clicking, it counts the download Washington, May 5 (EFEUSA) .- Spaniard Fran Ventura will pedal along 5,600 kilometers of the west coast of the USA to achieve 68 sponsorship for girls from India, the same number of spokes as the wheels of His bicycle, said today to Efe the caring cyclist.

This tour, which will start on May 14 and end on July 1, will be the second stage of its “El Camino de Anantapur” project to raise funds to buy bicycles for these children, thus facilitating access to school.

The challenge will lead Ventura to pedal from San Francisco (California) to Anchorage (Alaska) across the US West Coast to Vancouver, Canada, where, due to the Canadian coastline, he will change the route to one of the Two inland directions to the US state.

Speaking to Efe, the cyclist explained that although he will do 135 kilometers a day, which will mean that he is 8 to 10 hours on the bike, his daily journey will be between 210 and 220 kilometers because of the load.

“The bike becomes your home. You take the sleeping bag, the tent, the clothes, the tools to repair the bike, cameras, tripods, the computer and some food, since some parts will be inhospitable,” he said.

In addition to pedaling, the television producer will also record the second part of his documentary about his cycling trip, in which, in the form of a letter to Nandini, the girl who is sponsored with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, tells of his journey.

In 2014, the cyclist traveled the more than 14,000 kilometers separating Madrid from Anantapur (India) and managed to raise funds to buy more than 350 bikes that, according to the organization, “changed the lives of hundreds of girls in India.”

However, last year he decided that he had to go back to Anantapur, and meet Nandini in person, and he will travel the world for the west.

That is why it started crossing the United States from New York to Los Angeles, now it will continue north to get as close to the Béring Strait, and in 2018 it will border the Pacific coast from Shanghai to Bangkok.

This resort will end in 2019, when it will pedal along the coast of Southeast Asia, to close the circle that will have lasted five years.

Ventura said that in the two months of the journey that is about to begin, he will not have time to lose his motivation even though he will not have any companions.

However, rain and wind will become its biggest hurdle in the states of Oregon and Washington.

In Canada, the cyclist will face long distances and lack of services in sparsely populated places, mosquito clouds and bears in Alaska will become his greatest annoyance.
For millions of families in rural India, a bicycle is the only means of transportation possible, but for many others it is a luxury whose cost they can not afford.

In fact, in the Anantapur district, one of the country’s poorest, rocky and driest areas, a bicycle can shorten many daily walks that can last two hours to reach school.

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