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Warriors, with a superb Curry, pass to semifinals; Raptors have advantage

The figure of the base Stephen Curry returned to shine in a special way in the individual and team game of the Warriors of Golden State than for third season Consecutive reach the semifinals of the West Conference with a sweep of 4-0.

The Warriors’ sweeping triumph at home to the Portland Trail Blazers ended the NBA playoff competition day that also left the Raptors’ Toronto triumphs taking their lead in their series and the Atlanta Hawks’ his.

Curry again raised his superstar figure and with 37 points. He led again the Warriors’ winning streak that took 103-128 to the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 4 of the Western Conference playoff first-round playoff.

Curry, who for the second consecutive game was over 30 points, did not play in the fourth quarter because the Warriors had scored no fewer than 45 points and ended the game with eight assists, seven rebounds and seven triple hits in 11 attempts.

Faced with such superiority and dominance, the Warriors will now have several days to meet the next rival that will leave the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers series against the Utah Jazz and is tied 2-2.

Along with Curry, power forward Draymond Green also featured 21 points, six rebounds, four assists and three caps that left him as the star of the indoor game.

Klay Thompson escaped to 18 points and along with Georgian center Zaza Pachulia and forward Kevin Durant, who scored 11 and 10 respectively, completed the list of five starters with double-digit numbers.

While power reserve David West, who each day goes higher in his individual game, finished as sixth man with 12 points, four assists and two rebounds.

Durant, who missed the previous two games, returned to the court. He played 20 minutes in which he scored 4 of 7 field shots, including his two triple attempts, captured three rebounds, two assists, recovered a ball, lost three and put two caps.

Base Damian Lillard, with 34 points, was again the Trail Blazers’ leader, who never got the best individual and team game of the Warriors, defending West Conference champions.
Last season the Warriors also took charge of eliminating the Trail Blazers in the playoffs, but they did it in the semifinals of the West Conference and with mark of 4-1.

Coach Norm Powell scored 25 points, his best career mark, and led the Raptors’ balanced strike that beat the Milwaukee Bucks 118-93 in the fifth game of the Eastern Conference finals that now dominate 3- 2.

If Powell, who scored 8 of 11 field shots, including his four triple attempts and five career innings, emerged as the winning surprise factor, Spanish-Congolese power forward Serge Ibaka was once again the undisputed starter Who had all the protagonism in the interior game with 19 goals, six rebounds and three caps.

The sixth game of the series will be played next Thursday in Milwaukee and the winner of the tie will have to face the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are already classified for the semifinals after ‘sweeping’ (4-0) to the Indiana Pacers In the first round.

Greek forward Giannis Antetokounmpo was again the leader of the Bucks ‘attack by scoring 30 points and nine rebounds, but they were not enough to counteract the Raptors’ balanced attack.

Power forward Paul Millsap had 19 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, leaving him to lead the Hawks in the fourth round of the Eastern Conference playoff first-round tie that won 111-101 Wizards of Washington and tied it to 2-2.

Alongside Millsap, center Dwight Howard completed his best solo game of the season so far, adding a double-double of 16 points and 15 rebounds, including 11 defensive players, who left him as the best in the indoor game.

Howard, who had not been a winning factor in the first three games, scored at least 10 points in all 80 games he has played as a pro in the playoffs.

Guard Bradley Beal had 32 points and was the best of the Wizards, while base John Wall also shone in the individual game with a double-double of 22 goals and 10 assists.

The series continues in Washington with the dispute of the fifth party that is going to play next Wednesday in the Verizon Center of the capital of the nation.

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