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Marijuana activists arrested in front of federal Congress

Washington.- Capitol police arrested four pro-amnesty activists today for smoking marijuana cigarettes in front of the federal Congress, according to the DCMJ group, which organized the protest rally.

On the occasion of the “reprogramming” of April 20, marking the unofficial day of marijuana use throughout North America, the group in favor of federal legalization of the herb organized a “smoked” at the doors of the US legislative headquarters As an act of civil disobedience.

According to DCMJ, two women and two men, including the cofounder of the group Adam Eidinger, were arrested after turning on marijuana cigarettes on federal soil, where it is illegal despite decriminalization in some states and the District of Columbia, In which Washington is located.

Since 2014, and thanks to a popular referendum, the US capital legalized the private use of this drug, which allows the possession of a maximum of 56.5 grams, have up to six plants and give up to 28 grams of marijuana to the elderly 21 years.

However, its sale, purchase and consumption in public spaces is still prohibited in the city, while in eight states it is allowed recreational use, in 18 its medicinal use and in many other states marijuana oil is available in a medical way.

This action is the second part of the organization’s actions to ask the US Congress. Which prohibits federal interference in states that legalize it, after last Thursday DCMJ distributed more than 1,200 cigarettes from the grass.

In that other protest, eight activists were arrested for exceeding the maximum amount of possession of marijuana, although police withdrew the charges to seven of them and Eidinger pleaded not guilty.

Activists again asked Congressional President Paul Ryan to extend the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which expires on April 28 and prohibits the Justice Department from using funds to interfere with state marijuana laws.

In addition, they demanded a bipartisan reform to legalize and decriminalize marijuana throughout the country.

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