Sofia Vergara orders a paparazzi to be silenced

It was not the day of questions for Sofia Vergara. The actress has been seen in the streets of Beverly Hills walking to a restaurant with a friend. But the issues about your marriage have not sat you too well. “Very beautiful Sophia very beautiful!” “How do you live life as a couple?” “You have nothing to regret?”

The beautiful Colombian has continued walking until, full of praise and questions … – “You come very beautiful Sofia” – “Shut up!” – “Do not be angry, Sophia!” He’s got the paparazzi shut up. The actress has endured the insistence. Fast passage, logistical movement, absolute mutism … and finally the restaurant.

Sophia did not feel like talking this time “-” Shut up! “-” Do not get upset, Sofia! “But instead of shutting the paparazzi down the road … he got the opposite effect.

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