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The Pope: “Much remains to be done to recognize the equal dignity of women”

The Pope lamented that there is still “much to be done” in the world “to recognize the equal dignity of women”, during the angelus this Sunday.

“I express my closeness to all women, especially those whose dignity is not respected. Much remains to be done to recognize the equal dignity of women,” said Francis, looking out the window of his private study in the Apostolic Palace.

The Pontiff has also denounced the situation in Haiti and has expressed his closeness to “the dear Haitian people, who have been suffering so much for years.” He thus urged that “all violence be put to an end and that everyone offer their contribution to the growth of peace and reconciliation in the country with the support of international institutions.”

Likewise, he has asked for prayers for “tormented Ukraine” and has called for an end to “hostilities that cause immense suffering among the civilian population.”

The director of the Vatican Press Office, Matteo Bruni, has confirmed that the Pope’s position in Ukraine is to advocate for a “diplomatic solution” to the conflict.

“The Pope takes up the image of the white flag proposed by the interviewer, to indicate the cessation of hostilities, the truce reached with the courage of negotiation. His wish is a diplomatic solution for a just and lasting peace,” Bruni stated. .

His statements come after Francis – in an interview recorded last month with Swiss radio station RSI – urged Volodimir Zelensky’s government to have “courage” to raise the “white flag” and negotiate an end to the war. .

“It is stronger that he sees the situation, that he thinks about the people, that he has the courage of the white flag, to negotiate.

Today you can negotiate with the help of international powers. The word negotiate is brave,” he declared in the interview that will be broadcast on March 20 but which some Italian media have already reported.

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