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Petro chooses a lawyer in the case involving his son for money laundering and illicit enrichment

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has chosen a lawyer to be his legal representative in the case of his son Nicolás Petro, who admitted having illegally financed his father’s presidential campaign and is accused of money laundering of capital and illicit enrichment.

“It will be the judges in their different powers who legally define what corresponds. I have granted power to the associate judge of the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, Mauricio Pava Lugo, to represent me,” he explained this Friday in a statement published on the social network X.

Likewise, the Colombian president has assured that he feels “pain on a personal level” due to the information that has emerged about “alleged irregularities in the development of the presidential campaign on the Coast”, although he has stressed that, despite this, he will continue “decidedly “with his presidential agenda.

“Without hesitation, I affirm and reiterate that no one can be above the law and that justice must be applied impartially (…) Nothing and no one can stop the fight of a lifetime against all forms of corruption and the Government will continue without distractions its task and commitment for a better Colombia”, has settled.

Petro already stated the day before that he has not told any of his sons that they commit crimes. “It is not the first time that they have tried to use the family scars,” he assured, adding that they seek to “open the way for the collapse of the first popular government in Colombia.”

Nicolás Petro is charged with alleged crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment for an illegal financing scheme for his father’s presidential campaign for the Historical Pact, in which the drug trafficker Samuel Santander, alias ‘The Marlboro Man’, and businessman Alfonso Hilsaca.

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