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Trump appeals to the Supreme Court to intercede

Former United States President Donald Trump has once again insisted that the legal proceedings that he currently has open and the resulting charges actually constitute “electoral interference”, and has appealed to the Supreme Court to intercede in the matter.

In a publication on his official Truth Social profile, Trump has accused the president of the United States, Joe Biden, whom he has classified as his “political opponent”, of trying to hit him with “a barrage of lawsuits” that the former president has require “large amounts of time and money”.

“Resources that would have been allocated to advertisements and rallies will now have to be spent fighting these radical left thugs in numerous courts across the country,” the former president said, arguing that the US Justice would be engaging in electoral interference.

“I’m leading in all the polls, including against ‘Crooked Joe,’ but this is not a level playing field. This is election interference, and the Supreme Court should intercede”, has settled the former president of the United States.

A Washington grand jury indicted the former president on Tuesday for his alleged attempts to reverse the result of the November 2020 election, where he was outbid by Biden himself. Following this, and after weeks of provocative speeches, the Capitol was stormed on January 6 by Trump acolytes.

Trump announced in November his candidacy for the Republican Party primaries ahead of the United States presidential elections in 2024. The tycoon leads the polls to represent the conservatives in the electoral appointment, where he could face Biden for the second time, who aspires to re-election.

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