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Sanders believes Biden will achieve a “landslide” victory if he heeds the demands of the working class

Senator Bernie Sanders, considered one of the figures most to the left of the Democratic Party, has affirmed this Sunday that President Joe Biden will achieve re-election in 2024 with a “crushing” victory if he responds to the needs of the working class.

“If he confronts the greed of the insurers, pharmaceuticals, Wall Street and big money and starts delivering for the working class, I think Biden will win a landslide,” Sanders told CNN.

Sanders has acknowledged that he has “significant differences of opinion” with Biden, whom he faced in the 2020 primaries. “It’s no secret,” he pointed out, but he stressed that the choice is clear before the alternative.

“We live in a country in which one of the most important political parties, the Republican Party – in which a large part of its leadership, not all, but a large part, does not even believe in democracy – maintains the myth of that (Donald) Trump won the last elections,” he warned.

Republicans “try to keep people from voting.” “They try to deny women their right to control their own bodies,” he added, referring to the latest anti-abortion initiatives in Republican-ruled states.

“If you believe in democracy, you want the more people to vote, the better, not less. I think the option is quite clear and that choice is Biden,” he stressed.

As for Biden’s age, 81, Sanders, who is one year older, has argued that age is important and so is experience, but “what you look at most is what the candidate stands for, which side he is on “.

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