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Evo Morales once again attacks the Government of Dina Boluarte

The former president of Bolivia assures that the United States is “governing” Peru

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has once again attacked the Government of Peru, led by Dina Boluarte, assuring that the United States is in command of the cabinet.

“Let the whole world know, Peru is not being governed by the president named Dina Boluarte. Peru is governed by the US and the joint command of the US Armed Forces (FFAA). I don’t want to think that sister Dina has become an employee more from the US”, the ex-president stated through his social networks.

“The Peruvian right wing attacks us and persecutes us for defending the lives of our murdered brothers who defend their democracy. We do not defend Human Rights through interference, we do it and we will continue to do so out of conviction. Deep Peru has awakened,” added the leader of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party.

Morales’s repeated criticism of Boluarte since he was in power –since the dismissal of Pedro Castillo in December 2022 after the announcement of an emergency government in the country– have caused the Bolivian politician to be banned from visiting Peru on the grounds that He has engaged in activities “of a proselytizing nature” for having apparently interceded in favor of the former Peruvian president.

Morales accused Boluarte of avoiding her responsibility for human rights violations, while she denounced that a Bolivian indigenous group related to Morales was bringing weapons across the border in the context of anti-government protests that took place in the Andean country.

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