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Disney begins its second round of layoffs, which foresees the departure of 7,000 employees by the end of 2023

The American entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company began its second round of layoffs on Monday, which, once fully completed, foresees the departure of 7,000 employees during 2023, which represents 3.6% of its workforce.

Thus, once this round is completed, the total number of positions abolished will amount to about 4,000. The details of this tranche of cuts emerged last week, when it was learned that the company would cut around 15% of the staff in its entertainment division, and that some affected workers would be notified starting this Monday.

The cuts will cover television, movies, theme parks, as well as corporate positions, and will affect all regions where Disney operates.

Last February, Disney announced a workforce adjustment that affected some 7,000 positions in its workforce, which exceeds 220,000 personnel, as part of a general strategy to cut its annual costs by 5,500 million dollars (4,987 million euros). ).

In this way, the plan was divided into three sections, the first, which took place in March, the second, the current one, begins in April, while the last one will be carried out “before the beginning of summer”, according to the counselor. Disney delegate Bob Iger.

These measures respond to the losses registered by the company in its ‘streaming’ services, which doubled in 2022 compared to 2021, with an amount that amounts to 1,050 million dollars (952 million euros) after the slowdown in the growth of subscribers and increased competition for viewers.

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