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Biden finalizes the announcement of his candidacy for re-election to the White House

The announcement could take place next Tuesday at the earliest

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, is a few days away from announcing his candidacy for the Democratic Party for re-election to the White House, which could take place next Tuesday at the earliest, according to multiple sources close to the ‘Washington Post’. ‘ and the Politico news portal.

Although the exact day of the announcement has not yet been specified, the sources agree that it will be made through a video accompanied by the opening of a fundraising campaign without too much fuss, as happened in 2016 with Barack’s candidacy. Obama, who had Biden as his running mate.

If he made the announcement next week, Biden would have ended up sticking to the informal date that his team has been considering for months, such as the fourth anniversary of the announcement of his first candidacy in April 2019, after finally ruling out the February date, following his State of the Union address to Congress.

Preparations are being taken care of by two of the president’s main advisers, Anita Dunn and Jen O’Malley Dillon, who have already conducted the first job interviews to choose the main campaign managers, while the Democratic National Committee has spent weeks “financing studies to get an idea of the electoral panorama”, according to the sources of the ‘Washington Post’.

It is expected that the president will not have significant rivals in his re-election race although, according to the US media, there are several senior officials of the Democratic Party who, at least, have questioned the advanced age of the US president, 80 years old, and they have been favorable to the appearance of other younger contenders.

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