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The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria already leave more than 24,000 dead among the latest rescue efforts

Two women saved from the rubble after 122 hours in Turkey.

This week’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have already claimed the lives of more than 24,000 people as the international community continues its relief efforts and rescue teams make a final effort to continue finding survivors, five days after the quakes .

According to the latest official balance this Saturday, at least 20,665 people have died in Turkey alone, where the number of injured is 80,088 people. In neighboring Syria there is evidence of 3,553 deaths and 5,276 injuries, for a total of 24,218.

The Turkish agency for disaster management, AFAD, has confirmed that more than 90,000 people have been evacuated from the ten Turkish provinces affected by the earthquake and there are now more than 166,000 rescue teams and volunteers on the ground, including some 8,000 foreign rescue specialists.

In the last few hours, the Turkish emergency services have managed to get a 70-year-old woman and another 55-year-old woman alive about 122 hours after being buried under the rubble of two destroyed buildings in the cities of Kahramanmaras and Diyarbakir, all this after the earthquakes registered on Monday in the south of the country, near the border with Syria.

Following an intense effort by Turkish search teams in the city of Kahramanmaras, 70-year-old Violet Tabak has been rescued from the ruins of a building located in the Onikisubat district after being trapped for 112 hours, before being transferred to a hospital for medical attention, Turkish state news agency Anatolia reported.

At the same time but 400 kilometers to the east, in the city of Diyarbakir, a 55-year-old woman was being pulled out from under the rubble of the destroyed building in which she had spent more than five days locked up.

The rescue work carried out for hours by the AFAD and other Turkish emergency services in the Yenisehir district has led them to rescue Masallah Çiçek, who had multiple injuries and has been taken to a medical center.

On the sixth day since the earthquakes, the emergency services continue to search for people alive to rescue, a task that becomes more difficult with each passing hour, since the standard time that a human being can remain without the intake of water or food in disasters like this it is 72 hours.

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