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FBI agents search the home of former US Vice President Mike Pence in Indiana

Agents of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have traveled this Friday morning (local time) to the home of former Vice President Mike Pence in Indiana in search of more possible classified documents.

Already at the end of January, a Pence lawyer searched said house, by order of the former vice president, due to the possible existence of secret files. A “small number” of classified documents were eventually found, including notes on foreign travel.

The search this Friday at Pence’s home has been agreed between the former vice president’s team and the Department of Justice itself, as a police department official has detailed to NBC.

The search for classified documents in Pence’s private premises comes after the FBI itself searched the mansion of former United States President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) in August. On that occasion, dozens of secret documents were discovered.

Later, already in 2023, lawyers for the current president, Joe Biden, have located several batches of confidential files in various rooms, such as a private office in Pennsylvania or a private home in Delaware.

The documents confiscated from the president date from the time when he served as President Barack Obama’s ‘number two’, between 2009 and 2017. Biden has denied being aware of having such files in his possession.

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