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DGDF and DGBA sign valuable inter-institutional agreement for the promotion of art and culture in the border area

The General Directorate of Border Development (DGDF) and the General Directorate of Fine Arts (DGBA) signed a transcendental inter-institutional agreement that unifies efforts to promote Dominican art and culture in the border area for the benefit of all community members.

Based on this agreement, signed this Tuesday by Mario Lebrón, general director of the DGBA, and Ramón Pérez Tejada, general director of the DGDF, both institutions agree to work closely for a year to offer artistic presentations and other academic activities. , teachers and dissemination of culture in all border provinces.

For Ramón Pérez Tejada, general director of the DGDF, this cooperation agreement will serve to disseminate cultural values, especially in the border area, with the aim of reviving culture, with projects related to art in the field of music , dance, visual art, theater, folklore, among other branches of Fine Arts.

“I have no doubt that, both in Fine Arts and in Border Development, there is the intention that this is not a simple agreement, but that it is a commitment so that we can see each other again with the public on the border, bringing them the best of the art and culture of the Dominican Republic”, pointed out Pérez Tejada.

“For us it is a great joy, a great pleasure, to reach areas where art is very difficult to reach (…) We know that there are quite marginalized localities and that is where we want to go,” said Lebrón at the signing ceremony held at the Hall of Lectures “José Ramírez Conde” from the Palace of Fine Arts.

He valued this agreement as a very important step, which is in line with the cultural policies of the government of President Luis Abinader’s change, so that more regions can be impacted through art and culture.

“And I think that, for the Border Development Directorate, the strengthening of art and culture is extremely important. It is not only the development of infrastructures or the development of other aspects, culture is a fundamental part of the idiosyncrasy, of the nationality and of the work of the Dominican, “said Lebrón.

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