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The Senate recognizes outstanding actors and fashion designers for their contributions to Dominican art and culture

The Senate of the Republic recognized the actors Monina Solá and Franklin Domínguez, as well as the designer Martín Polanco, considered great masters of Dominican culture and art, for their outstanding careers in theater and haute couture.
The solemn act of recognition was headed by the Vice President of the Upper House, Santiago José Zorrilla, who highlighted the contributions made by the three personalities in favor of art, culture and fashion in the Dominican Republic.
“The Senate of the Republic is proud to recognize these three great personalities such as Monina Solá, Franklin Domínguez from the areas of cinema and theater; and to Martín Polanco, from the world of fashion, recognizing the effort they have made in favor of the family and the Dominican people,” said Santiago Zorrilla, also a senator for the province of El Seibo.
The senator and proponent of the three Resolutions, Franklin Romero, highlighted the great qualities of the honorees, highlighting the artistic career of the actress Monina Solá, for her almost 80 years of artistic work within the world of culture and Dominican theater, as well as the outstanding figure of the playwright Franklin Domínguez and later the fashion designer Martín Polanco.
The prominent designer Martín Polanco, after receiving the recognition, thanked the Senate, with its president Eduardo Estrella, for having adopted the resolution, and especially Senator Franklin Romero for proposing the initiative.
“Honorable senators, I reiterate my infinite gratitude for this recognition. It has been a long journey in my life, because I have been working since I was 17 years old, and I have had many setbacks, but that has allowed me to grow up and be able to get to where I am getting, outside of this country. Thank you all for your support. And to remind young people that, if possible, that it is not just a dream, it is a lot of desire and work”, affirmed the prominent international.
Franklin Romero considered Solá “as the highest representation of living theater in the Dominican Republic, who through her work of almost 80 years of artistic labor has earned the title of leading actress.”
Rosario Peguero Solá, daughter of the honoree Monina Solá, received the recognition, thanking the Senate and the proponent of the initiative on behalf of her mother and her family, where she expressed the joy that her mother will feel when showing her the recognition of her
“I will show her recognition and I know that she will receive it with a smile and one of the qualities that I have always seen in my mother is that she has always been very grateful to everything, thank you very much,” said Rosario Peguero Solá.
The playwright Franklin Domínguez, who was absent, and it was decided that a committee of senators would visit him at his home to, in a special act, give him their recognition, despite the fact that the poet Mateo Morrison symbolically received the scroll.
“When we talk about Franklin Domínguez, we are talking about someone who from a very young age was building an incessant space in favor of theater and Dominican culture, I have the privilege of his friendship and his advice and I am significantly honored to say these words and to receive his name something that is above any daily dimension”, stated Mateo Morrison.
The Vice President of the Senate, Santiago José Zorrilla, delivered the three recognition scrolls, accompanied by his proponent, Franklin Romero and Senators Milcíades Franjul, Virgilio Cedano, Carlos Gómez, Aris Yvan Lorenzo, Franklin Peña and Valentín Medrano.
In the activity, relatives of the honorees were present; as well as communicators, artists, friends and others.

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