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Ricardo Arjona with his “Black and White” tour reached 1.5 M viewers

The “Blanco y Negro” tour of the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona was enjoyed by 1.5 million viewers in 100 concerts in the United States, Europe and Latin America, during this 2022.
The Guatemalan artist’s solo tour accompanied the independent release of his most recent album of the same name, “Blanco y Negro”, reported the singer-songwriter’s press team.
“Blanco y Negro” is Ricardo Arjona’s most solid tour in progress. More than 1.5 million people attended his concerts, shouting that the show is not just a concert, but a unique experience, the report added.
The tour was noted as one of the top 20 tours in the world alongside Coldplay, among others.
Ricardo Arjona is an artist who does not like to repeat places, but his representatives indicated that it is almost an obligation to return to various countries on tour to offer the concert again due to the number of requests from his fans who did not manage to live “Blanco y Black”.
While everyone was looking for a place close to fashion and what was established by the sound of radio and digital platforms, Ricardo Arjona ventured into the production of 24 songs at the emblematic Abbey Road studios with the motto “Tell me what to do to not do it”.
For more than 12 years the artist has chosen his own path to continue trying to contradict everything that exists in music in Spanish and clinging more than ever to what he knows how to do and “Blanco y Negro” is a breath of fresh air from a mature singer-songwriter who does not rest from renewing himself.
Ricardo Arjona had already set a precedent with “Hecho a la antigua”, one of the three most watched concerts on the planet via streaming, characterized by establishing a new way of approaching it.

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