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Servia Iris Familia deposits bill that creates Aid Fund for Dominicans Abroad (FADE)

The deputy of the foreign community, Servia Iris Familia, today deposited a bill for the creation of the Aid Fund for Dominicans Abroad (FADE) as a mechanism that contributes to promoting the economic and social development of the diaspora through of the implementation of programs and actions that allow generating access to quality services.

In that same sense, with the legislative proposal that was delivered to the Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, it seeks to establish a support fund to face the multiple problems faced by Dominicans residing abroad.

In one of its recitals, it explains that it is of vital interest to national development to promote policies, strategies, plans and other provisions that are considered necessary to encourage the appropriate development of the most vulnerable population segment of the Dominican population, both those residing in the country and abroad. the outside.

The scope of application of said law will cover the entire territory of the Dominican Republic with direct effect on all collection operations of the State through remittances, to any natural or legal person, national or foreign that participates in the forwarding market. monetary.

The legislator Familia explained that the FADE will allocate the funds raised to meet the needs of Dominicans abroad who demonstrably do not have the necessary resources to pay for the required services.
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