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Acroarte constitutes the Hall of Fame of Art and Culture museum

The Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte) announced on Monday the creation of the Hall of Fame Museum of Art and Culture through which it will carry out work to preserve, disseminate, exhibit and rescue the artistic, cultural and historical heritage and legacy of the expressions and the figures of greater transcendence and recognition of the Dominican Republic.

The museum will protect a selection of articles, memorabilia and personal objects that at some point served as a reference to project and promote the best of national art and culture. A place to exhibit collections, encourage debate and reflect on cultural identity through the material and immaterial testimony of the different artistic manifestations.

“This is a project that we have been cherishing for a long time and that we have finally launched thanks to the cultural vision of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who, with decree number 308-21 of May last year, created the National Program for the Intervention and Establishment of New Museums, through the Ministry of Culture”, enthusiastically commented Emelyn Baldera, president of Acroarte.

“In Acroarte we join that great effort of the Presidency, as established by the National Development Strategy 2030, to recover, protect and project the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic, which allows us at this time to constitute this museum of the Hall of the Fame of the Dominican Art that, without a doubt, will be a great attraction for the Dominican people and all the tourists who come to the country interested in knowing our art through all the manifestations”, indicated the journalist Baldera.

With thirty-eight years of existence and with an incalculable contribution in favor of Dominican art and culture, the 37 editions of the Sovereign Award and other important initiatives developed in that period, Acroarte is the ideal institution to launch the Museo Salón de la Fame of Art and Culture that will become a permanent space to learn about and enjoy the different manifestations of our artistic class.

It is important to point out that it was in 2009 when Acroarte, a professional association with branches in Santiago, Florida and New York, took the first steps to bring this project to life, as established by registration #280095 of September 17 of that year issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property (ONAPI), however, it is not until now that this idea has materialized, given the favorable conditions that exist thanks to the recent decree issued by the Executive Power.

“We are convinced that from law number 41-00 and the powers that it grants to the General Directorate of Museums, Acroarte will be able to have incentives for the creation of this new museum,” said Baldera. “That is why we receive with such joy the decree 251-22 issued by Abinader, as part of the priorities in cultural and tourist matters that has been outlined, is the relaunch of museums and cultural centers, as well as initiating the establishment of new ones. , such as the Hall of Fame of Fame Acroarte al Arte y la Cultura that we announce today with great enthusiasm”, emphasized the journalist who directs the institution for the second time.

Acroarte is an institution founded in 1984 that has worked since then for the development of Dominican art and culture, through its projects, including the most important Sovereign Award, and has organized since 2012 the Acroarte Award for Journalistic Merit, giving life also to programs as important as #AcroarteCapacita through which it promotes training and knowledge and #AcroarteEnRuta that seeks to spread and promote our gastronomic, tourist and cultural attributes as part of our identity.
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