Deputy Alexis Jiménez highlights benefits of the Santo Domingo province division

Alexis Isaac Jiménez, a deputy to the National Congress, highlighted the benefits represented by the division of the Santo Domingo province and the creation of a new one, called Matías Ramón Mella, while highlighting the criterion of unity that exists among the 43 deputies of that demarcation. , with an approval level of 98%.

“We publicly deny that this affects citizens considerably in these moments of crisis, quite the contrary, there would be greater access to justice services, and greater access to their representatives and the budget for the Senate of the Republic would not change at all,” explained the deputy for constituency 3 of the Santo Domingo province.

Among the benefits that the creation of the Matías Ramón Mella province represents, the deputy for the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) said that a provincial hospital would be built to guarantee better health services for citizens.

Likewise, a new Chamber of Commerce and Strengthening would be formed, in addition to a new judicial district to decongest the Santo Domingo province, favoring that a person from Pedro Brand does not have to move to Santo Domingo Este to benefit from judicial services.

State institutions would be decentralized and would be closer to the people, in addition to the fact that there will be a provincial police force.

Alexis Isaac Jiménez also stated that, according to the Territorial Organization initiative, the conditions are ripe for the constitution of the Matías Ramón Mella province, because it is four times larger than the National District, in addition to having three times more residents than any another province. “Its inhabitants need to be taken into account more,” he said.

Jiménez emphasized that this territorial division would reduce the existing levels of bureaucracy, and would guarantee a better distribution of resources.
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