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Professor Francisco Acosta, candidate for dean, proposes relaunching UASD without losing its essence

Professor Francisco Acosta, aspiring dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), proposed the relaunch, in administrative and educational terms, of the oldest institution in the Dominican State.
“Due to the same reality that has arisen post-pandemic, I think it has been a great experience that we have had in that sense and a relaunch must be done from virtuality, of course, without ceasing to take into account what the experience has been. face-to-face, which has been our reason for being”, stated Acosta.
In the same tenor, the also philosopher, considered that virtuality will allow both teachers and students to enter the UASD from anywhere in the world.
Likewise, the educational authority highlighted the importance of taking the UASD to the provinces “in this way, the high school graduates who graduate from our educational system will be retained for at least 4 years in these areas, until that implies political and social economic development. ”.
In the same way, he considered that the Southwest will benefit from the axes of the Movimiento Triunfo project, of which he is a candidate, “there is the relaunch of teaching, research and extension, which will play an important role in the cultural, social and economical,” he said.
Likewise, the coincidence of his transforming vision at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), was the main reason that Acosta will make an alliance with the past Administrative Vice Chancellor of the UASD and candidate for Chancellor, Editrudis Beltrán, with a view to the elections next June 15.
“The speech of Editrudis Beltrán Crisóstomo, the next winning candidate for the UASD Rectorship, is to make it, not the oldest, but the one with the highest quality; That is why we decided to join forces”, concluded Acosta.
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