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INDRHI announces works to promote rice producers in the East

The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, INDRHI, announced the investment of almost RD$35,000,000 for the construction of works that will benefit the rice sector in the eastern region of the country, directly impacting almost 8,000 tasks that grow rice for more than 130 irrigation users.
Olmedo Caba Romano, executive director of INDRHI, pointed out that these actions were coordinated through the Eastern regional directorate and that they comply with the commitment assumed by the government headed by Luis Abinader to respond to the farmers of the field, who are the ones who guarantee the food safety.
Juan Manuel Ceballos, director of the regional, stated that in the Arroyo Rico community of the La Gina municipal district, in Miches, the agency will start the construction of a dam with gabion walls and a two-kilometer-long concrete-lined canal, to guarantee the sale of water to the plots of the demarcation, allowing better irrigation for more than 4,500 rice-growing tasks that are the means of subsistence for 65 users and their families.
In that order, he listed that the Maguá – Cañita canal will be rehabilitated in its total length of four kilometers, located in the Sabana de la Mar municipality of the Hato Mayor province in this region, and that it will include the construction of a new siphon crossing the river Katherine.
Ceballos pointed out that the concrete lining will be carried out in a one kilometer section of another section of the Magua – Cañita canal, where the aim is also to prevent water leakage by infiltration. He added that this project will benefit 60 users since it will contribute to the better irrigation of some 3,000 tasks that produce rice.
He added that they have the necessary logistics to start the mobilization of the equipment during this week and that they have assumed the commitment with the users to deliver the completed works in approximately 7 months, as long as the weather conditions allow it.
He also highlighted that the drain cleaning work carried out with an amphibious team in the La Ceja community of the Sabana de la Mar municipality is close to 90% complete, work that aroused joy in producers and community members who for almost 20 years had not received the required care.
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