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The Conani elects its Government Integrity and Regulatory Compliance Commission

The institution is committed to continue acting based on integrity, transparency and best practices of public administration

The National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani) chose this Friday the servers that will make up its Government Integrity and Regulatory Compliance Commission (CIGCN), in consistency with the provisions of the Executive Branch through Decree 791-21, that declares these commissions a high priority.

The elections are the result of a process that was based on a consultative and participatory action, of more than 4 workshops in which they have been stimulating and instructing for the formation of the CIGCN, under the guidelines of the General Directorate of Ethics and Integrity. Government (DIGEIG).

With the selection of the five male and female servants from the different occupational groups that will make up the Integrity Commission, Conani advances in strengthening transparency in all its actions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, taking best practices as a reference. on integrity and ethics in public administration.

Consistently, the Conani joins the efforts of the Government headed by President Luis Abinader to combat corruption in the Dominican Republic, promoting a public administration based on values.

The electoral process was carried out with the participation of 55% of Conani employees authorized to exercise the vote, resulting in the election of four servants and one servant from occupation groups one, two, three, four and five, in a participatory and transparent exercise.

From the occupational group one, the servant BlissSolyany Feliz Santana was elected; from group two, Edward Rodríguez Moronta; from group three, Emilila Isabel Cruz Peña; from four, Ana María Peguero, and from five, Altagracia Josefina Gutiérrez Valerio.

The Electoral Commission, chaired by Jasmine Pérez, in charge of Human Resources, highlighted the participation and commitment of the Conani servers, as well as the organization of the entire electoral process.

The promotion of the candidacies was carried out in an internal campaign based on values, in which each candidate embraced one of the values ​​with which they identify and which they consider essential for the advancement of integrity and transparency in the institution.

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