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The Senate approves in second reading bill on cybersecurity

The Senate of the Republic approved this Thursday, in second reading, the bill on cybersecurity management in the Dominican Republic.
The initiative, presented to the Senate Plenary by Senator Faride Raful (National District), contemplates regulating the prevention, management and response to cybersecurity threats and incidents and other aspects related to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures.
The bill states, in one of its recitals, that information and communication technologies (ICT) play an essential role for the economic and social activities of the Dominican Republic
In the legislative work this Thursday, the president of the Upper House, Eduardo Estrella, sent a fixed term of one week the draft Resolution requesting the interpellation of Ramón Contreras Genao, Superintendent of Pensions (Sipen); initiative presented by senators Alexis Victoria (María Trinidad Sánchez); Eddy Nolasco (Valverde) and Lenin Valdez (Monte Plata)
This request was also joined by the president of the Permanent Commission on Social Security, Labor and Pensions, Dr. Bautista Rojas Gómez (Mirabal Sisters), who requested that the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, be summoned to that meeting, who also He serves as president of the National Social Security Council (CNSS). The senator from Puerto Plata, Ginette Bournigal de Jiménez, also joined the motion, understanding that this is a nerve center for Dominican society
In addition, the president of the Senate, sent to the same commission the draft Resolution that requests the Plenary to invite the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, to explain the reduction in the performance of the pension funds, at the request of the senator by Elías Piña Aris Yvan Lorenzo.
Also, in the session, the bill that modifies articles 4, 6, 9 and 11 of Law No. 142-97 that creates the Puerto Plata Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CORAPP), proposed by Senator Ginette, was discussed. Bournigal de Jimenez. The initiative seeks that the board of directors of the CORAPP has greater representation of the different sectors of the province
The legislators approved several initiatives in a single reading, among which is the Resolution that requests the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, to promote the signing of a great work agreement between the city councils, the municipal districts and the Ministry of Public Works, to the purposes of encouraging the construction of streets, embankments and sidewalks in the different communities of the country; an initiative presented by Senator Cristóbal Castillo (Hato Mayor)
The senators approved the Resolution that requests the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, to instruct the Minister of Housing, Habitat and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, the construction of a hospital in the municipality of Villa Hermosa and the construction of a Diagnostic Center in the municipality of Guaymate in La Romana; a proposal from Senator Iván Silva (La Romana) In the session, the Resolution that grants recognition to “Expo Feria Mayoritas SFM” was also approved, for its 26 years of holding the most important provincial event for the benefit of the Duarte province and the entire country; an initiative presented by Senator Franklin Romero (Duarte).
In addition, the Resolution that requests the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor Bisonó, to promote the installation of the Canned Sweets Manufacturing company in Elías Piña; a proposal from Senator Aris Yván Lorenzo (Elías Piña)
At the beginning of this Thursday’s session, the senators observed a minute of silence for the death of the former First Lady of the Republic, Rosa Gómez de Mejía, who stood out for her simplicity and social work in favor of children
Also, the legislators observed a minute of silence for the death of Hugo Álvarez Valencia, José Joaquín Saviñón and Julio Soto, as well as for the death of the volleyball player Yennifer Ramírez
In the rounds of presentations, Senator Franklin Rodríguez (San Cristóbal) asked President Luis Abinader to order the delivery of property titles to some eleven thousand families of Yaguate and other demarcations of his province
Senator Dionis Sánchez (Pedernales) referred to the loss of 8.5 billion pesos in the savings of pension fund members, considering that this situation only affects workers
Along the same lines, Senator Aris Yván Lorenzo (Elías Piña) lamented that the AFPs have impoverished more than two million people with eight billion pesos.
Senator Antonio Marte (Santiago Rodríguez) proposed investing pension funds in 32 large companies, where contributors are partners and receive profits from them. Senator Lenin Valdez (Monte Plata) highlighted the work of the Government of President Luis Abinader in favor of the recovery of faith in citizenship, esp.

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