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INDRHI and INTABACO agree to optimize tobacco cultivation in irrigated areas

The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI) and the Tobacco Institute of the Dominican Republic (INTABACO) signed an inter-institutional agreement with the purpose of promoting the development of irrigated areas dedicated to tobacco cultivation in order to achieve improvements that foster competitiveness and the development of this sector, whose item is part of the Country Brand and national development due to its great reception in international markets.
Olmedo Caba Romano, executive director of INDRHI, received Rafael Almonte Guzmán, director of INTABACO in the conference room of the headquarters of the hydraulic resources institute, where they formalized this agreement that will be valid for four years after its signing and which highlights that both entities undertake to collaborate for the optimization of the operation of the existing hydraulic irrigation infrastructure and, in turn, in the development of storage, regulation and distribution of water for irrigation in said plantations.
Both organizations agreed to promote and sponsor studies and research and experimental trials on the water-soil-crop relationship, as well as the financing and awarding of research theses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as support for internship programs.
INDRHI and INTABACO agree to develop projects that are of common interest and in the provision of services jointly for the benefit of agricultural producers and users of water for irrigation of both organizations.
The implementation and monitoring of the agreement will be in charge of the Center for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Insular States of the Caribbean (CEHICA) by INDRHI, while INTABACO will be in charge of its Planning and Development directorates. and Agricultural.
It should be noted that the signing of this agreement is carried out within the activities carried out by INDRHI within the framework of the Water Week and technicians from both competent institutions were present.

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