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Maduro comes out in defense of Putin: “What does the world want? That he stay with his arms crossed?”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has supported the latest movements of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in relation to Ukraine and has stated: “And what does the world want for President Putin to sit idly by and not act in defense of his people?

Maduro has assumed the version of his ally about the aggressions attributed to Ukrainian troops, which also implies focusing on the threat that NATO supposedly represents for the security and stability of Russia.

In this sense, he considers that Putin is only exercising a “courageous defense of his people.” Maduro has pointed out during a speech broadcast on state television that the Russian president has been denouncing the threats from Western governments for weeks, which have not responded to the guarantees demanded by Moscow to reduce tensions.

The Venezuelan president sees in the current crisis a new example of the “old European egocentrism”, now united with the United States “to seek the same objectives: destruction.”

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