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Google claims that Gmail account theft has been reduced by 50% thanks to two-step verification

Google has announced that, thanks to the implementation of the two-step verification system (2SV), which it automatically activated in 2021, it has managed to reduce the theft of its users’ Gmail accounts by 50 percent .

With this tool, also known as two-factor authentication, Google reinforces the protection of your accounts with an additional security layer that requires two pieces of information to verify identity, such as a password and a phone number.

With this verification system, Google can stop the entry of ‘malware’ on devices that host Gmail accounts, as well as ‘phishing’ attempts, ‘spam’ or cyber attacks.

Since automatically turning on two-step verification for more than 150 million users in 2021, as well as more than 2 million YouTube creators, Google has seen a 50 percent drop in the number of compromised accounts among those users, as reported on his blog.

Despite this progress, and with the intention of continuing to expand this authentication method, the company plans to continue working on new formats to protect the accounts and information of its users.

“We’re excited about other ongoing work we’re doing behind the scenes to make our users even more secure,” Guemmy Kim, Director of Accounts and Security at Google, said in this post.

In addition, Google is working on technologies that “provide a seamless and secure login experience,” as the directive added, with the aim of eliminating reliance on passwords.

Due to the evolution of ‘phishing’ techniques, these pose a problem for some users, who may forget passwords or do not feel the need to update them regularly to avoid these cyber attacks.

As part of this process of eliminating keys, which was already anticipated in May of last year, the company is adopting another form of authentication through security keys. To use them, it is only necessary to connect these keys to the device through the USB or USB-C port and press with your finger.

Providing added login security, these keys are compatible with Android phones and the Google Smart Lock app on Apple devices, available on the App Store.

Although Google has automatically implemented two-factor authentication to protect devices, it has reported a series of tips for users to strengthen the security of their computers.

First of all, it has recommended checking the Security Center of the accounts to update their status and prepare them for recovery in case of theft. To do this, it is only necessary to add a mobile phone and an additional email.

On the other hand, he has advised activating 2SV in case Google does not do it by default, as well as using the password manager (Google Password Manager) integrated in Chrome, Android and Google App.

This service helps create strong passwords for all accounts activated on a device, without the need to remember them. In addition, it warns users if they have been compromised or have been possible victims of attacks.

Finally, Google has announced that during 2022 it will continue to automatically implement the 2SV system and has indicated that it is a format that companies and institutions in the public and private sectors are already adopting.

For this, he has given the example of the United States, where the Government of Joe Biden has signed an Executive Order that requires state agencies to implement multifactor authentication for data protection; a position that is being extended to the Administrations of other countries.

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