Ander Mirambell: “Regularity will be one of the keys to being among the best”

The Spanish skeleton rider Ander Mirambell pointed out this Wednesday that “one of the keys to being among the best” in the Beijing Games “will be regularity”, although he is aware of setting himself the goal of fighting for medals or the diploma “is not realistic “, so playing the fourth round will be “like a medal” for him.

“The week has gone from less to more, it has been important to gain confidence and plan my strategy. Section 1 to 6 I did very well at the start, but when we came out of the turn we almost ended up in the hospital. So, the weather has been competitive. Regularity will be one of the keys to being among the best,” Mirambell said at a press conference before competing this Thursday in skeleton series 1 and 2.

The one from Calella recognized that he still has to “plan a bit of the strategy” for his debut in the Games, to decide “whether to take risks from the beginning or try to be regular”. “The 2018 champion was behind me in two of the six descents. Practice has shown that many things can happen,” he explained.

“The keys will be the settings, the start, it’s where we go lameest, I don’t know if there will be much difference with the best. At the driving level you are going to enjoy it, there have been several accidents, it is a fun circuit for the spectator, but not both for the athlete”, he analysed.

Mirambell regretted not having a coach in Beijing to be able to “correct” the declines. “Tomorrow we will see where we are, it has been a very tough week. With the resources we have had and the situation we have done a great job of training”, he highlighted.

“The objective is to improve the other Games, I have had the best training week of some Games. I dream of being as high as possible, but fighting for medals or a diploma is not realistic, you are fighting for the Top 20. We are the poorest team in the grid, hopefully to get the best result in a Games. Reaching the fourth heat would be like a medal”, wished the athlete, who is participating in his fourth Games.

Finally, the Spanish flag bearer developed what his training is like. “We work with hypnosis to work the subconscious, and with many more tools. Before going to sleep I think about the drops, the drops with my eyes closed are almost real. One of the keys is relaxation, trying not to let the body be of laps. You have to feel what the ice transmits, the more concentrated you are, the more realistic and precise you can be in your driving”, he concluded.


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