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“The Australian Open is much more important than any player”

The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal has assured that the Australian Open, the first ‘Grand Slam’ of the season, is “much more important than any player” and will continue to be “great” whether Serbian Novak Djokovic participates or not, arrested after being canceled for his visa for the second time, and has reiterated that he respects him despite the fact that he “does not” “agree with many things he has done in recent weeks”.

“I tell you one thing, it is very clear that Novak Djokovic is one of the best players in history, but there is no player in history that is more important than a tournament. The Australian Open is much more important than any player. If he finally plays, he’ll be fine.”If he doesn’t play, the Australian Open will be great with or without him,” he told a news conference.

This Saturday, the number one in the world was arrested in Melbourne by the Australian police after the decision of the country’s government to cancel his visa again for reasons of “health and good order”, which will mean that the number one in the world cannot dispute the ‘great’ oceanic.

The Balearic acknowledged that he is “tired” of all the controversy surrounding the Balkan, with whom he has “a good relationship” despite his different position regarding the coronavirus vaccine. “Honestly, I’m a bit tired of the situation because I think it’s important to talk about our sport, about tennis. I wish him the best. I respect him, even though I don’t agree with a lot of things he did in the last few weeks.” , he confessed.

In another order of things, Nadal, who returns to compete in a ‘Grand Slam’ more than six months after falling in the semifinals of Roland Garros with Djokovic, spoke of his form. “I would have signed to be at the moment I am after so many months without competing. A month and a half ago I didn’t know if I would come, I passed the virus and in the end I won a tournament, I added one more title and I’m ready to compete”, he said of his victory in Melbourne.

“Going back to a ‘Grand Slam’ for me is the most satisfying thing. After the results and the sensations, we’ll see what happens. In the end, when you come back after a long time without playing, things are a bit more random, there’s nothing certain and one has to accept the difficulties and the things that go beyond one’s control,” he continued.

The one from Manacor, who won the Australian ‘big’ in 2009 and who aspires to undo the tie at ‘Grand Slams’ with Djokovic and Roger Federer (20), also valued the state of Melbourne Park. “The courts are fast, the ball changes completely when playing at night or during the day, the tendency has been for the balls to take less spin, but I have to adapt to that even if it benefits those who hit flat more,” he stressed.

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