Facebook launches a system for content creators to charge for all of their subscriptions

Facebook has announced that it is implementing a new procedure in its Subscriptions service through which the total monetary collection will go to content creators, thanks to an external link that allows subscribing without the need to do so from the platform itself.

With this strategy, the social network has announced in a statement that it intends to help content creators make their work profitable and collect the total of what they generate with it, something that until now has not happened on Apple devices. This is because the App Store, the brand’s application store, applies a rate of between 15 and 30 percent in the subscription service through the ‘app’.

As stated in his personal Facebook account by the CEO of Meta (Facebook’s parent company), Mark Zuckerberg, “as he works on the metaverse,” the company’s team is focusing “on unlocking opportunities for creators to earn money. with his work. ” These statements come months after the company announced that it will not charge commissions to creators who make money on its services until 2023.

In the words of the manager, “the 30 percent fees that Apple charges for transactions make this goal difficult,” so they have designed a new procedure by which content creators will be able to get around that percentage of commission from the App Store, as well. how to benefit from a bonus system, through an external link that leads to Facebook Pay.

In this way, the content creator receives the total payment of the subscription, since before he stopped earning a commission for the same service if mediated the App Store. In addition, the creators themselves can generate the subscription link through Creator Studio and share it publicly or by email, as well as use Facebook to create exclusive content for paid followers.

Zuckerberg has announced that, thanks to this procedure, creators will have greater control over their audience, since from the month of December the option will be enabled for them to download the email addresses of their new followers so that they can establish contact outside of the social network.

Facebook has announced that it will provide creators with the fees paid by their subscribers through breakdowns showing purchases of these services and estimated taxes. At the moment, these measurements are only available for paid online events.

Added to this new functionality is a new bonus system for these creators who, with each new subscriber, will receive a proportional part of the investment valued at one billion dollars announced last July.

The platform will pay them between $ 5 and $ 20 for each new subscriber until the end of this year. In addition, creators have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to $ 10,000 while this program is in force, upon invitation, which is currently only available in 27 markets and that Facebook intends to expand in the coming months.


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