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iPhone users impressed with new lineup

iPhone13: 52% of respondents are impressed with the new lineup; 7% have switched from an iPhone in the past two years, while 9% are considering a switch soon

Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup revealed at its annual September event comes with several new upgrades but no major surprises. Piplsay, a global consumer research platform, polled 30,580 Americans and 9,200 Britons to understand the changing opinions and trends around iPhone launches and the brand loyalty debate.

Here are the key insights from the US survey:

The new iPhone 13: Decoding the Apple mania

29% of respondents are most impressed with the processing speed, followed by camera upgrade (27%) and storage size (18%)

55% of respondents think it is worth buying or upgrading to the new iPhone 13; 44% among them being iPhone users

27% of respondents have either switched to an iPhone recently or are considering a switch; Satisfaction (39%) and familarity (22%) being top reasons for brand loyalty

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