The US warns of possible “violent acts” ahead of the marches this Saturday for the assault on the Capitol

The Department of Homeland Security of the United States has warned that this Saturday “violent acts” could be registered in the framework of the protests to demand justice in relation to the assault on the Capitol, which took place on January 6.

In an intelligence report to which the CNN television network has had access, the authorities have indicated that there is a “potential” risk of violence, either by those who attend the march or by those who oppose it. she.

The memorandum also warns of a possible increase in violence the day before the marches. “We are aware of a small number of threats in relation to the protests, including conversations that have been held online and that call for violence the day before the march,” the text states.

Although the Government expects some people to carry out violent acts, they do not consider that there is a specific threat or plot in relation to the event. The intelligence alert is part of the authorities’ efforts to anticipate the arrival of large numbers of people in the capital, Washington.

The Department of Homeland Security believes that some groups of individuals can “mobilize and turn to violence in a short time and without prior notice.” The authorities also fear that opponents of the march are also a problem.

Thus, it indicates that there have been indications that there have been “death threats” by those who oppose the event. Added to this are reports from various media, which foresee that far-right groups such as the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers attend the march.

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