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Coaching for System Health

By Jeff Tunnell.-

Coaching within the cell system brings health.  Like in our physical bodies, when the cell level is healthy, the whole system is healthy.  Cell leaders benefit from the regular coaching touch from their leaders.  The Apostle Paul referred to Timothy as his son, who was like-minded and naturally cared for the flock of God.  Coaching is familial, not simply corporate. Relationships are born and sustained, which leads to health in the whole body of Christ.

And coaching is not hard. As an illustration, I coached my children in everything from feeding and dressing themselves, to riding bicycles and driving cars. I even coached them in math after they passed my level of proficiency! Later on, coaching applied to building relationships, marriage, and now raising their own children.  Along the way we kept some basics in mind:

  1. Keep the best interest of the one being coached at the forefront of your efforts; it is their success and growth that you seek.
  2. Have an agreed-upon destination or achievement in mind; personal growth, cell multiplication, how to activate each person in the cell, etc.
  3. Don’t coach every issue at once, but always coach the person.
  4. Schedule the time for coaching to take place and be a good listener when you arrive.
  5. Learn to ask open questions and use reflective listening that guides the leader being coached toward resolving issues themselves.
  6. Resist the temptation to do the work for them or fix their problems; display your confidence in their ability to do this for themselves.

Above all, like with my children, love them, be proud of them, and tell them why.

Remember, coaches also need a coach, so stay connected with others!


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