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California Prison Authorities Recommend Release from Killer of Senator Robert F. Kennedy

The California Prison Board has recommended this Friday parole to the perpetrator of the assassination of former US Senator Robert F. Kenedy (RFK), Sirhan Sirhan, once two of the politician’s sons have run in favor of this decision.

Although Sirhan does not ensure his release, he has the pardon of two of the victim’s children – brother of the former president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) -, as well as the fact that the prosecutors in charge of the case have refused to argue that he should remain in prison, as reported by the US network CBS.

This has been the sixteenth hearing to assess the possibility of approving parole for the perpetrator of the crime that, finally, after being recommended, will be reviewed for a period of 90 days by the person of the California Parole Board and, later , must be definitively approved by the governor, Gavin Newsom, who will have 30 days to grant, reverse or modify the resolution.

Sirhan came to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in May 1969 after being convicted of the crime of murder in the first degree when he shot Kennedy to death in a Los Angeles hotel kitchen. RFK had held a campaign rally there to celebrate victory in the primary elections of the Democratic Party in the race for the presidency of the United States in 1968.

Although he was initially sentenced to death, Sirhan’s punishment was commuted to life imprisonment in 1972 after the California Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional, as reported by CNN.

During the virtual hearing held on Friday, Douglas Kennedy said he was “overwhelmed to see Mr. Sirhan face to face.” “I think I have lived my life fearing both him and his name,” said one of RFK’s sons.

“I am grateful to see him as a human being worthy of compassion and love (…) I bring you some love”, has launched Douglas Kennedy to Sirhan.

On his part, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has also been in favor of the release of the murderer of his father, has said he was moved when he met Sirhan. “He cried, grabbed my hands and asked me for forgiveness,” he detailed.

Now Newsom will be in charge of determining whether the killer’s proposed conditional release is compatible with public safety. In addition, the governor is now immersed in a political battle in which he faces a recall election on September 14.

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