Hackers Achieve Record Loot Of Over 500 Million In Crypto With Their Attack On Poly Network

Poly Network, the protocol to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains, has denounced the attack perpetrated by hackers who would have achieved the greatest loot in the history of decentralized finance, which different media estimate at about 600 million dollars (511 million euros ).

In a statement, Poly Network expresses its desire to “establish communication” with the perpetrator of the computer attack, noting that “the amount of money pirated is the highest in the history of ‘defi’ (decentralized finance)” and that it affects thousands network users.

In this way, he warns the ‘hacker’ that this attack will be considered a serious crime in any country, adding that it would be unwise for him to carry out transactions, so he proposes that the pirate contact Poly Network to ” try to find a solution. “

According to the ‘Financial Times’, the tokens stolen in the attack on Poly Network would be valued at around 600 million dollars, including more than 270 million dollars (230 million euros) in ethereum blockchain, about 250 million dollars (213 million euros). euros) from Binance Smart Chain and about 84 million dollars 872 million euros) from the Polygon network.

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